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Freedom Versus Order: Police Brutality and the Right to Resist

This was an article I contributed to the Wheaton College Undergraduate Law Review my senior year, while serving as a senior editor and PR manager. It is found on pages 39-57 of the publication (pages 50-68 of the 75 page PDF file).

It can be found on the following link through the wculr website:


“Police brutality, manifested through unlawful arrest, excessive force, and racial discrimination, plagues the United States in the 21st century. In order to solve this issue, action must be taken on three levels: (1) the power amassed through police militarization must be reduced, (2) the rights specifically established by the Constitution must be preserved by the courts, and (3) those rights must be expanded to include the ability to reasonably resist unlawful arrest and excessive force. Law enforcement power has flourished in a time where societal order is the priority. Thus, when addressing the issue of police brutality, one must realize that order cannot and should not exist without personal liberty.”